Tuesday, October 9, 2018


WFMU is a one of the last great Freeform radio on the air. I grew up listening to these guy when I was living in Lower Manhattan. Then my parents moved my sisters and I up to Northern Bergen county New Jersey for High School and picking up a signal became a problem. I go to be pretty good at building bigger and bigger antennas. This was back in the early 70's long before the Internet.  I eventually left the New York area and made my way west to San Francisco.

A couple of years ago I was happy to find that WFMU was live streaming on the Internet. Of course, most of the DJ's I used to listen to back in the day are no longer on the air but some still are. Since I've been listening pretty steadily the last year or so I got a few favorites. In no particular order ;

  • Three Chord Monte - Joe Belock has some serious good taste in music and he plays the sort of music you will NEVER hear on corporate radio. He also get local bands to come in and play on his show. If you ever get to thinking that there is no good music any more, well you need to listen the Three Chord Monte.
  • Seven Second Delay - Two guys, Ken and Andy, screwing around on the radio for an hour. They've invited women, only women, between the ages of 25 and 35 to call the station and sing "You Light Up My Life" to Andy. They've also, as part of the fund raiser, invited listeners to call in and, with the help of a volunteer lawyer, to amend their will to leave a portion of their estate to WFMU. Never a dull moment.
  • Honky Tonk Radio Girl - Damn, this is the real shit kicking deal. Becky plays the lowest, rowdiest, my wife left me for my best friend, my dog died, my truck broke down south of dallas, crying in your beer but I'm proud to be an `merican this side of Tulsa or Bakersfield. YEE HAW!
There is even a documentary about this station called "Sex and Broadcasting: a Film About WFMU" on Amazon prime. The old lady and I watched it about a month ago and at the end she turns to me and say, "Now I understand what is wrong with you." Check it out, it's really good.

But see here, this is the deal. These guys are a real Freeform radio station, one of the last of a dying breed. What this means is there are NO commercials, none. No lying sacks of shit trying to sell you crap you really will be better of without. What that means is they rely on the listeners to fund the station. So, do these guys a solid and toss em $20 or $30 bucks every 6 months or so and turn you buddies on to em.

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